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Documents & Communications are key, Data Valley makes it simple for an executive to manage all communications related to their client campaigns and current jobs/projects. All communications of any style, briefs, research communications, contact reports, competitive material, scripts, artwork, storyboards, audio, video and even significant emails are managed and stored centrally in the clients campaign folder.

                               Version Control

We recognise the need for version control in relation to documents and communications with clients, depending on the communciation templates attributes, versions of communications and/or comments will be automatically maintained by the system as the communications are saved after being edited.
There are three options:
1. No versions meaning the only version of the communication retained in the repository is the very latest.
2. Change Comments Only meaning that user is prompted each time they save the communication after editing for some comments about the changes however, a version of the communication is not kept for each change only the very latest is retained in the repository.
3. Backup Copies are maintained meaning that a copy of the cimmunication prior to each editing session is retained as are the user's comments related to that session hece a full history of versions of the communications is maintained in the repository.

                        Check In / Check Out

New Dawn gives each user the ability to be able to Check out and check in documents that they are working on ensuring that if this is an important document that is client related

that only one person is making changes at any one time.

When a document is checked out New Dawn indicates which user has locked/checked out the document allowing other users to see who is working on the document at that time, once the document is checked in the lock is removed and if version control is in use a new version will be logged in the repository.

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