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Data Valley has been providing specific management software for the Advertising, Design, Media & PR industry for over 30 years. During this time we have constantly revised our systems, mainly on the strength of feedback from the people who use them.

Data Valley is about giving information, access & control to those people, but only those people, who actually need it. Since we know that users may be both non-technical and highly pressured we aim to make everything as user friendly & simple to use as possible.

Whether running from a Mac or PC it's all fully integrated with MS Word or PDF (for client documentation) and MS Excel (for further analysis) and MS Outlook, Lotus Notes or an SMTP email server (for direct emailing).

Our fully integrated modular system provides up to the minute information on every aspect of your business from the initial pitch to the final invoice through to management reporting. The modular design of the software ensures that you only purchase the functionality you require PLUS the highly flexible software structure guarantees that as your business develops and evolves, so your DV system will grow to accommodate the demands placed on it.

                 Frequently Asked Questions?

We are often asked questions in relation to our system, as below...


I'm Not Sure Our Business Can Afford Such a System? - Data Valley has been developed specifically to save you money and assist you in generating additional revenue, many of our clients have achieved real ROI after using Data Valley.


Can Data Valley Interface To Our Existing Accounts System? - As well as Data Valley having its own Accounts Module, we can also link to all leading Accounts systems, this allows you to keep a familiar back office system and still benefit from a leading business management solution.


Can I Connect With The System When I'm Not In The Office? - Data Valley has a browser based interface for the Production Module designed for use over an internet connection, so whether you're in the office or out you should have access from any internet - enabled device.


Can Data Valley Replace Our Existing CRM System? - Data Valley incorporates a specific Prospector based module incorporating just the CRM functionality that most companies actually use, including the tools needed for successful new business activity and regular client contact management.


I Have Data in an Existing Job Management System, Can I Transfer It? - Data Valley have the ability to import data from any previous system, with the use of CSV files and the creation of the required fields any data can be imported.


How Much Disruption Will There Be To Our Business From Implementing Data Valley? - We aim to get Data Valley live within 3-4 weeks for a standard site, larger sites we aim for 8-12 weeks, our dedicated Sales & Project Managers work with you to ensure you have a smooth transition to the Data Valley solution, On-site training will be given to ensure key users are able to use the necessary areas of the system.

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